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Project: Origins

A Final Fantasy VII RPG

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All Members
Rules / Guidelines

I. We expect individuals in this RPG to be adults or young adults in the manner in which they present themselves. Please show respect for your fellow players, though fighting between characters is allowed. We all know that not all the characters got along in all situations, but players are expected to be respectful.

II. Posting is required once every two weeks, though there is no limit to how many times you can post. The more players post, the happier the MODs are and the faster the plot moves along. If there is a problem with being able to post in that time, it is the players' responsibility to contact a MOD. We don't bite, so don't be afraid to contact us. Posting includes either a character journal post or a community post or a comment to a community post while in character.

III. In character posts are to be written paragraph form with as much proper spelling and grammar as one can manage. We realize that not all the mistakes are caught, but literacy is a must on this community. Please don't make us have to decipher what you wish to say unless there is a character reason for it (Example -- Cait Sith malfunctions and can only speak in bursts between jibberish). Character journal posts are generally accepted as first person perspective ("I" or "we") and all community character posts must be in third-person ("He" or "She" or "They").

IV. All pairing types of characters are allowed (Yaoi, yuri, Het...etc.). It is requested that players make their pairing plausible and believeable. We don't want this turning into downright smut where characters are jumping at each other. There is no 'canon' pairing, but we request development of relationships occurs to make things believeable. Any lemons that are written are required to have a warning and be put behind a Livejournal cut.

V. Interactions between characters can be done either on an instant messaging window (post the conversation up on the community) or through comments in a character post. Large groups will meet in a AIM chat for RPGing if required, but that will be organized by a MOD.

VI. All players must belong to and watch the OOC community, origins_ooc for announcements and comments. All questions about plot and community or players is to go on that community.

VII. Managed to get through all those rules and still wish to join up? Please refer to the application to sign up. All applications for this community are to go to either Nataku and/or Xana.


This RPG starts one year after the Meteor Crisis and the downfall of ex-General Sephiroth. The characters have separated and gone their separate ways over that time and have little contact with one another (unless it is worked out between players the interactions between characters.)

The great city of Midgar was decimated in the fall of Meteor and has since been salvaged for anything useful, now just a memory of the past and inhabited by few. Most of the populations shifted up to the small town of Kalm, which has grown substantially. The main city has become Junon on the main continent and the company known as ShinRa has fallen completely, though the reactors are still active for the time being. Recovery efforts for those affected during the time of crisis have been handled by contracting companies hired by main diplomats in Junon.

Small villages and towns are building again and roads are being built to open the ties of communication between the cities. Technology is still used, but many have resorted back to the traditional use of chocobos or simple walking. All in all, the populations are thriving after having survived near destruction.

Yet, out of the tides of rebuilding, mysteries of ShinRa emerge and the aftermath of Meteor is only just beginning. The rise of new Origins and new possible threats slips forward slowly. Information of old comes forward to be regarded as new. Welcome to Project Origins.

The Players
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Character Journal // AIM Name =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Cloud Strife -- mako_puppet [MOD] // Lil Nataku
Barret Wallace --
Tifa Lockhart -- __lost_heaven__ [MOD] // NefariousBaboon
Aeris Gainsborough -- planetprotector // X Lulu Nobody X
Nanaki/Red XIII --
Cait Sith --
Yuffie Kisaragi --
Vincent Valentine -- life_penalty // Deathspenality159
Cid Highwind --

Sephiroth -- in_control_now //

Reno -- red_hot_turk //
Rude --
Elena --
Rufus Shinra --