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These 3 are hilarious together.

Sephiroth had a resigned expression on his face. He had tried to escape his sister's presence by leaving to talk to Vincent, but he could hear her bracelet's behind him like an annoying music.

Shekinah glided along behind Sephiroth with a cheerful expression on her lips, and she quickly sped up her pace so that she could wrap her arms around Sephiroth's nearest one, hugging the appendage tightly. Her keen green eyes shifted down the hall to where she knew that Vincent was in, her mind reaching out and analyzing the position before drawing back. "Big brother, I am so glad we are seeing Vincent Valentine again. I very much enjoy his company. I wish you would smile more.... it brings out the light in your eyes and you look so handsome when you do."

Vincent was examining the books on the shelves in the study when he heard the jingle of Shekinah's bracelets a short way off, and then her voice. He continued to look at the books, unworried. Sephiroth probably simply had more news. He'd grown so used to bad news over his life that it no longer bothered him, and he merely waited for it to happen.

Sephiroth appeared in the doorway of the study. He was going to ignore any suggestions about smiling from his sister, who had enough smiles for both of them he thought. "We must talk again."

Shekinah lay her head down on Sephiroth's shoulder as they walked before she caught sight of Vincent. With the grace of an angel, she slipped to her toes and kissed Sephiroth's cheek happily before releasing her hold and glided into the room with a contented smile before stopping in front of Vincent. "Hello again, Vincent Valentine, bearer of Chaos and lover of Lucrecia," she said and leaned down to kiss his cheek as well.

Vincent let her kiss him, ignoring the cheerful act as best he could and turning to Sephiroth. "What news have you now?"

Sephiroth cleared his throat at the affectionate display, not understanding the need for such actions. At least she was not kissing him again. "Shekinah believes she knows a way to protect you from Jenova's influence."

Shekinah giggled softly and stepped away from Vincent to explore the confines of the library, her fingers slipping over the various books as if she were looking for one in particular, even though she wasn't looking at the books. She stopped at one book that was old and dusty and pulled it free, flipping the back and tapping on it, a double click eminating from it and she opened a secret compartment. "Yes, but it requires Chaos."

Vincent watched her run her hand along the shelf with minor curiosity, his glance shooting over to Sephiroth again upon his delivery of the news. But when Shekinah spoke, he shook his head. "In what way?" he asked, slightly wary.

Sephiroth watched Shekinah open the books, marveling at how she seemed to know more about them than he had even found out. "This must be done, Valentine. We will need you to fight. If your mind is not strong she will control you. As she even did me." He did not like admitting his greatest mistake, but slowly he distancing himself from it as his focus on the upcoming battles grew in scope.

Shekinah ignored both men momentarily and pulled out some more pictures, eyeing each one as if studying them. "Father was not gently with you," she commented non-chalantly and flipped to another picture. She smiled a bit and set the pictures back in the book before looking at both men again. "Chaos must protect your mind. He is outside of Jenova, and is your only chance for survival." She looked over at Vincent. "May I speak with him?" She held up a picture of Vincent's first transformation into Chaos.

The question was hardly necessary. On sight of the picture there was no chance of a 'talk' not occuring. The picture illustrated what he remembered-violence, agony, and blood everywhere. He'd awoken after passing out in a pool of it, with Hojo standing over him with a satisfied smile. He doubled over as the Change wracked him, hands gripping his sides so tightly that when the claws extended they dug into his flesh. He was forced to let go, crying out once, and then, nothing. Chaos leaned casually back in the chair, crossing one monstrous leg over the other. "And what, dear girl, did you want to talk about?"

Sephiroth watched the transformation with some interest. He had not spoken to Chaos in some time, not since he had first spoken to Valentine that he meant no harm now to him or his friends. It was a strangely grotesque and yet beautiful thing to watch all at once as the man's humanity was stripped away. Sephiroth could sympathize with such things.

Shekinah smiled when the change occurred and tucked the picture away again, closing the book and slipping it back into the shelf as if she never touched it at all. She walked over to Chaos to investigate the creature for the first time. "Chaos of the demonic realm, fifth level of your own hell that slips to the surface of humanity to rape and pilage twice a year... or is it once," she said in a completely foreign tongue, a demonic language. The words sounded odd from her small frame, but every accent was perfect, and she smiled as she leaned forward and kissed Chaos on the nose and switches back to her native tongue. "You are quite handsome."

"Really?" he asked, replying in english for Sephiroth's benefit. "I've only found the whole 'raping and pillaging' thing a major turn-off. Can't imagine why." He grinned, his mouth seming to nearly curl at the edges. "Great accent by the way. Where'd you learn it?"

Sephiroth frowned. "You speak this creature's language?" This did not seem to fit his sister's rather angelic image.

Shekinah giggled behind one of her hands and watched Chaos. "I think some women and men have too high of expectations." She glanced at Sephiroth and smiled innocently before looking back at Chaos. "You are protection from Sharp-spoken one. If you do not protect his mind from an invasion, he will fall and you will disappear when the Sharp-spoken one takes him over. If you wish to remain, I suggest you build walls. Simply set your will against the outside world as protection to keep Vincent in and everything else out."

The demon cocked a brow. "Really now? And who's saying that when she snags angst-boy, I won't get released, huh?"

Sephiroth took up position against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest as his green eyes studied the exchange going on between Shekinah and Chaos. Analyzing each as they interacted.

Shekinah walked away again and ran her fingers over the book covers once more, this time different books, but she wasn't looking for anything this time. "Father said so when you trapped you in there," she replied simply and smiled brightly. "You're suffering matches his, father once wrote. He wanted to see how you reacted with him. While you will gain control eventually, Vincent Valentine will always be. Without him, you are a non-entity. You have no body aside from his. You lose his body to the Sharp-spoken one, you die."

Chaos rolled his eyes. "Wonderful. I find it mind-boggling that someone so pretty will deliver the news of my impending doom if I don't help out the sap I'm forced to share a body with."He tipped his head to the side, smiling oddly. "You talk to your father? He was a regular Type A extra quality bastard. I take personal pride that I got to finally put the jackass in his place."

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow. "I do not disagree with you on the point of Hojo. But, will you protect the man with whom you must be imprisoned in?" He smirked slightly.

Shekinah giggled at the compliment and smoothed down her white dress again, brushing silver hair back over her shoulders. "Thank you for the compliment, Chaos," she said sweetly, as if actually smitten with the demon. She pulled out a new book a random and flipped through a few pages. "I have never met my father, not since I was very young. He spoke little to me except to inform me of my brother's power. He is dead, I know." She snapped the book shut and set it back to the shelf, walking over to Sephiroth and wrapping her arms around his waist gently, leaning against his weight. "You are just mad father bested you."

"Who bested who now?" he replied, grinning. "I killed him when I was at the diasadvantage. I don't know what perspective you see it in, but I think I'm the one the won in the end." He turned his gaze to Sephiroth, speaking near boredly. "And as for protecting Angst Master General Valentine, I've done it before, I'll do it again. I've spent too much time on the pussy to let him get taken over by the-bitch-from-space, thanks."

Sephiroth shook his head at the name calling. "Have it your way, Chaos." He glanced down at Shekinah and frowned. "Must you do that? Have I not told you not to do that?"

Shekinah looked up the small height difference between her and Sephiroth, smiling innocently as she leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Big brother, you cannot hide forever, especially if you will make an attempt to be human again. Besides, we are twins, and I enjoy your company. Do you dislike mine?"

Chaos grinned maliciously at Sephiroth, mimicking the girl's cheerful tone. "Yeah Sephy, don't you like her?"

Sephiroth simply stared between the two, since when did Chaos suddenly seem to be on the same side as his sister? "I am not hiding." Yes, avoid the question. He was getting a lot of practice in doing this around Shekinah.

Shekinah hugged Sephiroth tighter and lay her head on her brother's shoulder. "Big brother, do you really hate me? I... could leave you if I am that replusive to you..." she said with the first hint of sadness, her fine features shifting as tears began to form in her green eyes. Her slightly smaller frame shook gently as she suddenly pulled away and covered her face with her hands. "...I understand..."

Chaos began to clap solemnly. "Excellent work, SOLDIER boy. You've made her cry."

Sephiroth sighed, glad she had pulled away, but not happy about the reason why she did so. "Shekinah." He looked at her, felt compelled to comfort her, but he had never done such a thing before. "I do not think you 'repulsive'."

Shekinah shook her head a bit, sending silver strands side-to-side before she slowly dropped her hands to her sides again, silent tears rolling down her cheeks. "But you do not like me either. You always stay as far away from me as possible, like seeing your own reflection trapped in female flesh is painful for you. You dislike the manner in which I call you my sibling..." she stopped and wiped a tear away. "I should meditate to regain myself..." She looked at Sephiroth. "All you have to do is tell me to leave, and you will not see me again."

Chaos began to laugh, totally aware that no one was listening and talking anyway. "Oh've really done it now, good sir. How beautiful." He stuck out his hands, framing the faces between his fingers. "A regular picture perfect moment. If only I had a camera."

Sephiroth frowned at Shekinah and ignored Chaos. "You are my sister. I am not disgusted that you are female. Do you not understand I have only met you? I do not understand how you can be so casual with me. I am a stranger."

Shekinah shook her head in a negative fashion, watching Sephiroth out of the corner of her eye. "We are connected, brother! We are twins... I have known you since I was small enough to remember," she said and reached into her black leather corset, pulling out a picture from the other day, the one of her and Sephiroth as tiny children and held it up to his face so he would have to look at it. "Look at us, together. We are twins, and I know who you are. You are my brother... but you treat me like I am the stranger. Stop fearing your own shadow," she said and handed the picture to Chaos. "See, we are twins, correct? That is us together."

He nodded. "Yup. Definitely twins. You'd have to be dumb not to see it." He fingered the picture, looking up at Shekinah. "Hey, you still have that 'My First Transformation' Picture? I want to save that one."

Sephiroth looked at the picture and still could not fathom how she found these things. "We are twins. But I did not know. I never knew. Do you not understand me? I have always been alone and I do not understand what it is you want from me."

Shekinah smiled at the picture and held it to her chest as if it were the fondest memory she had. "I want you to let me be your sister. You repremend me more than father did," she said softly and tucked the picture away into her corset again, walking over to the doorway. "I want you to treat me like a human being, not a subordinate."

Chaos couldn't stop laughing. "Oh, isn't that wonderful? The one person who loves you in the world, kid, and you blow it. I commend you. You've reached near Valentine proportions of failure."

Sephiroth's green eyes blazed for a moment as he looked on Chaos. "I think it is time you go." He strode past the creature and reached out to lay a hand on Shekinah's shoulder. "You are not a subordinate." The words that he reprimanded her more than father had cut deep. He was a sinner, but he was not Hojo...he would deny that until the end.

Shekinah winced a little at Chaos' comment and hung her head a bit so she could hide behind her hair and sniffled a little, even when Sephiroth's hand landed on her shoulder. "Then what am I to you?" she asked and looked over at Chaos. "Thank you for defending me, Chaos of the abyss..."

He threw her a mock salute. "Anytime. You speak my language, as it were." He chuckled at the pun. "And as for leaving...why break up the party? I'm enjoying myself just watching your relationship tumble like a house of cards."

Sephiroth was glad to leave the caustic statements of the creature, no wonder Valentine never seemed in a very cheery mood with such a personality in his mind. Her voice was echoing in his head and he made contact with her mind. You are my sister. I...must learn to treat you like my my twin.

Shekinah walked from the room, leaving Chaos behind and stopped in the middle of the hallway, surprised slightly by Sephiroth's sudden mental contact with her. She instantly set guards up so he could only detect what she wanted him to. If that is even remotely true, you must be willing to learn. Forcing yourself will only leave bitterness. If you do not want to learn, it would be better if I left.

I am willing to learn. I have so much to learn. You seem so good at being human, why will you not be patient and teach me? He paused a few feet away and looked at her silver hair that was the same to his own.

Shekinah brushed some silver hair back over her mostly naked shoulder and turned to regard Sephiroth slowly. Patience is a virtue I possess. You wish to learn what it is like to be human and to have a family? She stepped up to Sephiroth and cupped the side of his face with a hand, waiting for him to react negatively to the touch.

Sephiroth stood his ground this time, staring into her eyes that had the same green glow as his own. Yes. I wish to know that.

Shekinah slowly nodded her head and stroked the side of his face gently, as any sibling might. If it is what you wish to know, I will teach you want I can. The first thing you must know is that no matter where we all came from, we are human and no man is better at everything than another. We are all equals. She smiled warmly and drew her hand back. "Come, let us go upstairs where the sun it."

Sephiroth listened to her words, finding them wise, and this time her touch did not repulse him with its contact. "The sun?" He frowned and looked up at the ceiling. "I cannot go outside in case I am seen."

Shekinah smiled gently and took one of Sephiroth's hands, tugging him along almost in a playful manner. "There are windows that the sun shines in at the back of the manor. We can sit and I can tell you about things that I've seen and done... and you can do the same. What is the point of hiding behind secrets?"

Sephiroth allowed her to pull him forward, the sounds of Chaos' snickering fading as they climbed the rickety stairs that would bring them to the second floor of the mansion. "Tell me of things? Of what things?"

Shekinah lead them up the stairs, her bracelets jingling rhymically as she took each step, her eyes drawing back Sephiroth with a warm smile. "Of my childhood. Of what I have seen and how I have lead a life opposite to yours even though we are united." She walked across the floor, leading Sephiroth to one of the windows she could often be found by, a blanket and pillows set out by it. "Come, sit and speak with me."

He looked down at the space she had obviously made for herself. It was unlike anything he would have chosen, a simple hard soldier's bunk was fine by him. He did sit down and cross his legs and glanced at the window. "I am listening."

Shekinah walked onto the blanket since she wore no shoes and crossed her legs on the way to being seating, looking as comfortable as could be. Her eyes moved to settle on Sephiroth's features. "In you don't know and I never informed you, I am younger than you by twenty-five minutes. Apparently, you were in a rush," she said with a small giggle. "We were allowed to remain together as infants for the first couple of months, since I grew upset and cried when we were separated for too long. When a year came, we were separated perminantly, which is the reason we don't remember one another. We were kept at opposite sectors of the lab so that contact - enough mentally - was completely limited. I searched for you nonetheless, and I apparently did find you at one point... that's when they removed me from the lab."

Sephiroth frowned as he went through his memory, trying to pinpoint that moment when she may have made contact with him....and suddenly his eyes widened a bit with recognition. "I heard your voice....once." "But I did not understand since it was silenced so fast."

Shekinah smiled and clapped her hands together, sending a cheerful chime from her bracelets. "Yes, yes, I was drugged immediately after finding you. I was then moved from range to a new laboratory near Junon." She pulled out the picture again from her corset and held it out again. "I believe this was taken right before we were separated for the first time," she said and smiled fondly at the photo. "See how human you are, big brother?" She thought he was the cutest little infant ever with little fat cheeks and bright clear eyes, though the look of slight neutrality was broken by her hands grabbing him it appeared.

Sephiroth looked down at the picture of himself. He had never looked at photos before because they had never held anything of interest, but Shekinah's seeming love for them made him curious. "How do you have so many of these?"

Shekinah giggled a bit and stroked her finger along her brother's cheek in the picture. "I have read many detailed reports. That is how I kept in touch with what you were doing, and I found that they had taken and kept many pictures, so I merely went around to get them to see for myself." She looked slightly saddened. "Pictures were all I had of you, so they became dear to me. When I lost you to... the Sharp-spoken one, I once more only had photos."

"Why did you go to the City of the Ancients to live? We are not Cetra." A bitter smile curled his lips. "I learned that you and I are nothing but human...and made up of pieces of a monster."

Shekinah reached up and slipped a finger under Sephiroth's chin and lifted his face so he was staring at her. "You are only a monster if you think you are. The parts do not make the person, but the person makes the parts. If you do not believe you are a monster, then you are not a monster," she replied softly and smiled again. "The City of the Ancients was such an interesting place! I could mediate for days and not be disturbed! It was so pleasant."

Sephiroth suddenly felt like such a child, and his twin was supposed to be younger than he, by only a small amount of time, but it still seemed a matter of principle that he should not be the one who needed so much coaching. "They allowed you to go there? I never had such freedom."

Shekinah giggled a bit and nodded her head. "When you slipped into shadow, that was their main concern. You got close to my location, so they moved me close to the Temple... and then I just found it on my own when I went on my daily allowed walk. Since I mediated there, they felt safe to leave me unattended there for hours." She smiled and clapped her hands together. "Tell me of your time as General?"

"As General? Did you not see the constant newspaper articles?" He looked out the window as the strange life of being a celebrity General returned to him. "I could go nowhere without an entourage."

Shekinah nodded her head and patted Sephiroth on the shoulder, as if it may encourage her brother for more details. "Newspapers hold nothing to your own experiences! I wish to know what you felt when you were doing all those dangerous missions, and training up the others!"

Sephiroth suddenly wished he has his Masamune with him, but it had been left downstairs for now. "Training was a needed annoyance. I have only ever met a few soldiers who were truly worth their stripes. One is dead now. One is insane. And the other two...I do not know." He liked talking about the days before his fatal mistake. He had never truly appreciated the time until now. "The missions were enjoyable. I felt a freedom I did not have while under ShinRa's eye."

Shekinah nodded her head and listened intently, playing with some strands of her hair. Still, her attention never wavered from her brother's talk. "What were the men's names that earned their stripes?"

He looked down as he remembered the vague flashes as he stabbed Zack. "Zackary Knightblade is one. And though he never was an official SOLDIER, Cloud Strife."

Shekinah slowly nodded her head, hearing only whispers about the incident at Nibelheim that fateful day. She had been closely monitored after that point for her own sanity. "The Soldier the Sharp-spoken one desires? I suppose he must have been good for defeating you in the end. You must be proud to see them thrive because of what you taught them."

"I killed one of them. I tried to kill the other." He frowned as the words slipped out. What a conversation ender, Sephiroth. Well, he was new at this conversation thing, was he not?

Shekinah thought for a moment and shook her head. "Did you not read the files? That one, Zackary, he lived and so did the other soldier. Father kept them alive... but he used them for experimentation because... apparently because they were the only ones to survive an encounter with you. He experimented on them for four years. It was Shinra who killed Zackary outside of Nibelheim, not you."

Sephiroth blinked, stared, felt the breath leave him for a moment. "....what?"

Shekinah cocked her head to one side, blinking back at Sephiroth before pointing down towards the library. "Father kept them down there for four years. The volumes are downstairs in hidden bookcase number two. The two tubes down there were used to contain them until experimental means demanded tables, in which they were moved to the right hand room behind hidden bookcase number one. You didn't know?"

"I...I knew this." He frowned. He did know this. He knew Zackary had been experimented on, but he had simply thought. "I put Knightblade there. It was my fault."

Shekinah shook her head a bit, sending some strands of silver to frame her face more. "Zackary is the reason the other soldier made it to Midgar. He broke them out, but perished in the hills of Midgar. Father was hunting them down because his work was incomplete on one of them."

Sephiroth's eyes blazed a moment. "It is good that he is dead, or I would have already done it myself now."

Shekinah nodded her head and looked out the window towards the Nibel mountains, thinking for a moment. "The Soldier escaped, but the Sharp-spoken one had taken to him. She would make him strong."

"I do not want to talk of Her now. This was supposed to be a Or I had thought so."

Shekinah smiled at Sephiroth and nodded her head a bit. "Perhaps this is unpleasant, but I have been wondering. Why did you take to the Sharp-spoken one? Is it because you were lonely?"

"She said she was my mother. What do you think?" He turned his eyes on her, his expression a neutral mask. "Would you not have been lonely too?"

"I was lonely. I wanted my brother," she replied and slid herself over so that she was sitting next to Sephiroth, leaning her head against his shoulder. "I don't remember our real mother."

"Perhaps if I had known I had a sister..." He let the thought die. "I do not remember our real mother either. If that is any consolation. What I do remember is vague."

Shekinah nodded her head a bit against Sephiroth's shoulder. "I suppose if we were together, a lot of things would have changed. I was set opposite to you in all ways, it would seem," she said. She thought for a moment. "I have seen mother from Vincent Valentine's mind, but those are his memories, and I did not wish to intrude on him and be greedy for them. Perhaps I will ask him to share them with me."

"I think you may ask him. He is always unhappy, so it would seem it would not matter if you asked him about her." He looked down and studied the bracelets that almost seemed a sleeve of silver on her arm. "Why did it take you so long to contact me?"

Shekinah nodded her head, making a mental note to ask Vincent about their mother, Lucrecia. She looked up from leaning against Sephiroth's shoulder at the next question. "By the time, I had enough freedom and ability to contact you, it was too late. You would not have listened to reason and the Sharp-spoken one does not like to share. I had to wait until you came back."

"That is what I thought." His eyes seemed to dim as he thought again of the time under Her control. "We must destroy Her. And you will still not help us?"

Shekinah lifted her head and shook her head. "I will not fight her, but I will not prevent you from doing what you must. It is not my place to interfere in such matters. I wanted to see you and give you strength. To give you real family," she said with a smile and looked out the window again. "Are you going to contact the soldier soon? He is coming. You must feel it."

"I will contact Strife. His mind must be ready before She attacks. He is vulnerable."

Shekinah nodded her head, thinking it a reasonable decision. However, she could always worry. "Be gentle with him. He does not yet know the way and you could easily lead him further astray. His path is full of darkness and he is easily confused in what direction he is currently heading." She thought again for a moment. "Perhaps you could try out your new conversational skills," she joked gently.

Sephiroth's eyes narrowed, but not with malice, but with a small hint of amusement. "I am not good at this." He looked down at his hands a moment, again wishing for the comfort of his blade. "You could help his mind, could you?

Shekinah shook her head a bit, pleased by the small trace of amusement from her twin. "I would not wish to intrude on him. Since he does know know me, he would be more likely to lose himself. He responds to you even if you don't always think so in that... strange haze he is in. I find it odd his mind nothing more than a slate of words..."

"His mind looks like a gray a blank painting. You can manipulate it, but it hurts him. I am trying to put the pieces together." A confused look crossed his features. "But I do not know. He speaks in riddles."

Shekinah cocked her head to the side and tapped her chin with a finger, thinking it all through. "Odd, I don't believe I've encountered such a thing before. Are you sure fitting pieces together is so wise without his consent? Have you ever just... talked with him?"

Sephiroth stared at Shekinah as if she had just suggested he braid his hair with pink ribbons. "He is a soldier. Soldiers do not 'talk'".

Shekinah held up a finger and waved it in front of Sephiroth's face. "No, he's a failed Soldier, according to you. He never made it in the program." She crossed her arms and eyed Sephiroth. "Talking helps... just look at you right now. You're already opening up and being less stuffy," she said with an innocent smile. "You would be surprised what you would learn by treating him like a human and just talking with him."

"I am not stuffy. I am simply doing as you wished." Sephiroth frowned. "I do treat him as a human."

Shekinah laughed and patted Sephiroth on the shoulder. "Yes, but before I came along, you were stuffy and completely closed off." Shekinah mimicked Sephiroth's frown almost perfectly, but she didn't have the ability to maintain it and giggled after only a few moments. "Oh, so you talk to him like he's a normal human being, not military personel? You make him feel like he can talk to you in return?"

"Why does it matter if he feels he can talk to me? I am a soldier, and so is he. We talk." He paused as he thought of how he needed to phrase what he was feeling. "It is not like...therapy?" Sephiroth did not think he had ever used the word therapy in his entire existence.

Shekinah quirked a silver eyebrow at Sephiroth and crossed her arms over her chest. "You talk? Don't you mean, you order him around because he is in a lower rank than you?" She cocked her head slightly to the side, but kept her eyes on him. "I'm sure the man needs intensive therapy, and so do you. That's what we are doing right now. Just talking about things. It makes people comfortable and content with themselves."

Sephiroth frowned and rose to his feet. "I do not need therapy."

Shekinah reached up and grabbed Sephiroth's trenchcoat belt, jerking her brother down with a surprising amount of strength and forced him to sit again. "Don't clam up like that. We are just talking then. I think you should just talk with him at some point. However, he is emotionally and mentally crippled... so you may want to practice on someone more well-balanced. Just remember than he is human and your equal too."

Sephiroth's eyes widened in some surprise at the strength in his sister's arm, though he expected no less from his twin. He admitted it to himself, he was underestimating her. "Practice. Practice learning how to heal his mind? You seem to know of such things."

Shekinah shook her head and released her hold on Sephiroth's trenchcoat once he was seated again. "No, practice just talking. Tell me, do you know his favourite colour? How about what his mother's name is? Does he have friends and what are each of their names? Does he have a crush or love someone?" She looked at Sephiroth and smiled. "Once you know such petty details, you can start to understand him."

"Those are not important. No one has asked me such things." He shook his head, his silver hair falling into his face a bit as he studied his sister. "They do not matter."

Shekinah held up four fingers in front of Sephiroth's face. "Your favourite colour is black. Your mother's name is Lucrecia. You're closest friend was Zackary Knightblade. And you haven't been in love yet, nor do you fancy anyone." She dropped each finger upon answering each of the questions. "Simply because you weren't asked doesn't mean they aren't important pieces of information. They are part of what makes a person diverse, brother. Those are the fine points that categorizes each man from the other, and if they aren't important... why bother have them at all?"

Sephiroth raised one silver eyebrow. "How do you know these things? You have been in my mind when I did not notice?" He looked out the window, letting the muted sunshine hit his face. "We are soldiers. We must repress those things in battle. You do not understand this because you are not a soldier."

Shekinah hung her head a bit. "How long do you plan to hide behind the soldier excuse, brother?" she asked softly before changing tactics a bit. "I bet Zackary knew it too, but that's what made you friends. He took the time to get to know you as an individual. It happens even in soldier. Remember that you are a special case born and raised to be untouchable by emotion... bred to not be human, which you are."

"Then if I am a special case, raised to be untouched...that is what I am. You can see that now." He crossed his arms across his chest, his eyes hardening in resolve at her statement. He was growing tired of these games to "make him human". They were rather tiring at best.

Shekinah shook her head and looked out the window again. "Then, dear brother, you aren't ready to learn anything that I have to teach you. You will never grasp the concept of having friends or family or even being human if you do not open yourself up to trying to understand." She smiled quite sadly and folded her hands into her lap. "The basics of human needs is to be an individual with separate experiences."

Sephiroth snorted. "You do not try to understand me, sister. I do not wish to talk of this anymore today."

Shekinah looked at Sephiroth. "I already do understand you. You're a simple creature that has been denied the basics of human fundamentals, which have left you the emotion age of a small child. You will deny my words and get your back up, but the sooner you realize that you have to help yourself and learn what has been denied to you, the better for everyone. You cannot help the soldier because you can't even help yourself with your emotional battles." She climbed to her feet and walked a few paces away from Sephiroth. "Go and read your books then, brother. I will not speak of such things to you anymore."

"You give up so easily." His lips curled into something between a sneer and a smile. "You think people can change in a few minutes? Is that what you want me to do?"

"Of course not," Shekinah replied and looked over her shoulder at Sephiroth. "But you showed progress before your pride got in the way. When you backed up to undo and argue every point I try to make to you I must say that you leave the impression that you don't actually want to learn."

Sephiroth smiled, a mysterious light in his eyes. "But I do sister. I am simply done for today. I must train." His hand flexed, the one empty of his blade. He desired its comfort after such a strange and trying conversation on his patience.

Shekinah merely nodded her head and turned away again, walking to the door with the sound of jingling bracelets on her appendages. "Then train, you will I am sure. I must go and mediate on the roof for some time. I wish you well, brother," she said and added a small smile before walking from the room to another window that would lead her to the roof.

Sephiroth watched her go. It was not until she was gone that he said. Thank you, sister. And turned on his heel, stalking towards the stairway to the basement.
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