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Cloud & Tifa... before the head out to Nibelheim

WARNING: This is a lemon, so you have been warned. And yes, for all you yaoi fangirls, this is poison... it's not yaoi. >.> Don't read if you don't want to.

Cloud lay quietly in the bathtub, one leg sticking from the tub to rest against the side and his head was leaned back against the edge with his eyes closed. Around him, there was a mass of blonde hair settled against his chest, down to his hips and now required braiding to stay out of his way when he sparred with Tifa. It was been a complete week and a half since he had been broken from the mental institute and he was feeling considerably better physically. He had gained back a healthy thirty pounds, all of which had instantly transferred into muscle on his frame, making him wiring but not deathly thin. He still needed to gain back another twenty pounds to be back at his previous weight, but it was coming quickly. He could take his medication without having to resist and snarl, and even his ability to express himself was getting better with a lot of effort on his part. The bath was nice and warm, a comfort he took in every night before bed. He was comforted by the fact that he had only been contacted once by Sephiroth, and Tifa had not gotten fed up with him and tried to kill him. After a few moments of sitting, he finally moved and hauled himself from the tub, having learned the generalized mannerisms of daily life again. He grabbed a towel and began to dry himself off. He had packing to do.

Tifa could hear that water splashing quietly in the bath as Cloud washed up. Tomorrow they were leaving for Nibelheim, it was as if all events always led them towards that fateful town. She had been packed for over and hour now and had taken up position on the lone couch in the main room. A decision was needed to be made, and this was the last night she could make it. Tomorrow would be too late and who knew what going to Nibelheim would bring? Tifa hoped for the death of Sephiroth, and trying to kill him would take away all focus from what her thoughts were struggling with this evening. Cloud was in the bath...and Tifa, Tifa felt so compelled. He had kissed her. They spent everynight wrapped in each other's arms and was not enough to have their clothing between them as they slept. She had to do this now...she wanted to, she just...felt the shyness that often came over her when her feelings for Cloud happened. Tifa. You love him, he loves you it! She stood up and walked over to the bathroom, knocking lightly on the door. "Cloud?"

Cloud unplugged the bathtub and had to take a long period of time drying his hair, as amazed as an emotionless man could be at the amount of time it took for his hair to dry now. He wondered how Tifa could stand it every day since her hair was longer than his at this point. He had to stand in front of the mirror with the towel around his hips to make a braiding attempt. He wasn't that good at it, but he was working at it thanks to Tifa showing him everyday how to do it for himself. She had been patient even when he fumbled for hours with his hair. He cocked his head at the knock no the door and looked over. "I will be out in a moment. Do you need help packing," he asked as he separated his hair into three equal parts, noting there was items in the bathroom that had to be packed. "If you need something, come in a get it. I will be out when I finish braiding."

"I'm done packing I just..forgot something in the bathroom I..." She pushed the door open and stepped into the bathroom. Cloud was before the mirror and she took a moment to admire, with a touch of joy, that he friend's body was no longer emaciated, and he almost looked like his old self. "I....Cloud?" She bit her lip, then suddenly found herself pushed forward as she laid a hand on Cloud's shoulder, her face hidden behind him as she spoke softly. "I was wondering...if just...if just tonight. Could be different."

Cloud watched Tifa enter in the mirror, his brightly glowing eyes fixing on her and the closest thing she could give her for emotion was a nod of his head. He then set his attention back on making a braiding attempt, the only way to leave his hair now, despite the option to cut it. Somehow, it was nice to have long hair at the moment, but it might change later when he grew as close to annoyed as he could get. He blinked at the hand suddenly on his shoulder, losing his place in braiding and instead looked back at Tifa, not understanding the request. "Different? I do not understand the request," he said neutrally as he let go of his hair. "You want to sleep outside? I can sleep on the couch, if you are uncomfortable."

Tifa took a deep breath and finally slipped her arms around Cloud's waist, resting her cheek against his back. It was a gesture that could be interpreted as one of their usual platonic touches, but the difference was written on Tifa's face. Her eyes squeezed closed, her face relaxed, almost glowing at the comfort and the desire that began to mingle inside of her as she held Cloud in her arms. "I want to sleep with you tonight don't need to sleep on the couch. You can sleep with me, like we always do."

Cloud watched Tifa, not reacting to the arms around his waist, though he shifted his weight from one foot to the other as his body tried to decide what to do with the current predicament while his mind remained blissfully ignorant. He grabbed his hair again and attempted braiding again, half concentrating on Tifa and half concentrating on the task at hand. He needed to learn before Tifa refused to aid him. "We sleep together every night," he pointed out as if it were not an obvious fact, not really drawing to the conclusion Tifa was probably looking for. He managed to get the braid going and just kept up with the repetative motions, the hardest part over. "I do not understand what is different if nothing changes."

Tifa sighed and hugged him tighter, the motion of her body pressing against Cloud's, purposeful to try and loosen the towel at his hips. She breathed in the scent of him, the same one that had been comforting as friends, and now did more to her body than she could ever admit out loud. "Things do change, Cloud. LIke when we kissed." She smiled softly at that.

Cloud continued to braid his hair to the end, not losing focus even as he felt Tifa more tightly against his back. Without bother to wait for a mental thought, his body shifted back a little to greet her frame. He didn't take notice of it until he felt the towel keeping him decently covered loosened and slipped down to pool at his feet, but even then... this was the first successful braid he had ever done on only the second try. He could retrieve his towel when it was finished, though he thought Tifa would probably get it for him since she insisted he not expose himself except to bath and change clothing. "I do not understand," he finally said as he grabbed a nearby hair-tye and began to tie his braid off. "Nothing came out of that kiss," he remarked and looked down at his towel.

Tifa frowned slightly at Cloud's words. But it did, Cloud. It did. "You're wrong Cloud. You're wrong." She held him tighter. "That kiss...if we don't tonight. We'll never be able to again. I don't know when we'll be able to and....I want you...." He voice was a soft whisper as she finally spoke what she had been carrying in her heart ever since the kissed she had shared with her friend.

Cloud noted that Tifa was holding onto his waist rather tight, not to the point where it hurt him but enough where he wasn't going anywhere without a struggle. Of course, her words did little more than to confuse him, though he was coming around to what she was asking slowly. The words 'I want you' hit a good chord of knowing what was going on, but his expression failed to change even as realization settled on him. "Tifa, I am not sure such activities would be wise given that we are travelling tomorrow," he pointed out, trying to be logical even if his body perked at the idea of possible procreation.

Tifa shifted her face and leaned her forehead against Cloud's back, her breath a soft, warm breath over his skin. "No, Because...we might be able to once we get to Nibelheim. He is there and we don't know what might happen. But tonight, just tonight..."

Cloud shifted under Tifa's hold, admitting that she would always have him beat in hand-to-hand combat and arm locks even if she didn't try. He shivered at the feel of her breath against his skin, turning his head so that he could watch her out of the corner of his eye. "We need our strength for travel if we are to reach Nibelheim quickly," he said neutrally, though somehow, his thoughts were becoming harder to come by.

Tifa smiled at the excuses that seemed less and less convincing. "Stop worrying Cloud....stop worrying." She slid her hands up his chest, felt the smooth skin and hard muscles under her touch. She sighed against his back again and leaned forward to press her lips softly to his skin.

Cloud stiffened instantly at the feel of hands running over his skin and lips on his back, the touch registaring as a good thing in his hazed mind. His body instantly recognized it even if his mind didn't completely, and he really did not have an excuse to back himself up at this point. He reacted without thinking, his mind shoved over to pure unbridled instincts, leaving his body in full control for awhile. He turned his head fully to regard her, the glow of mako having increased as his hands slipped back to grasp her sides, holding her to his back.

Tifa sighed as Cloud's hand went to her sides. Some part of her was slightly hesitant to bring her hands down from where they were still pressed over Cloud's chest. She felt safe hidden behind him, as if her own feelings weren't completely realized, or perhaps because she had never done this before.

Cloud kept his hands firm against Tifa's sides as he pulled himself slightly from her grasp, turning himself to face her slowly, mako-tainted eyes never leaving her face. He dropped his hands and simply stood there in front of her, not wearing a shred of clothing, and his face remained hauntingly neutral to the entire situation. But he knew what he was doing, technically. He raised his hands and seized Tifa's sides again, drawing her to him again as he leaned down and pressed his face into her hair, inhaling her scent.

Tifa sighed deeply, a fine tremor running through her body as Cloud leaned so close to her, inhaled the scent of her hair. She wrapped her arms around him, her eyes closed as she tried to forget the part of her that was nervous, a million thoughts racing through her mind. Small doubts, worries, and things as mundane as does my hair smell good? But Cloud's tall presence before her was slowly pushing that all aside.

Cloud kept himself close and unmoving for the moment as he simply breathed in her scent, his body not needing much more to react to since it had been a very long time since anything exciting happened. After a few moments, he ran his hands up the back of her white shirt, his battle-hardened fingers trailing over smooth warm flesh as he pushed his body closer to hers. While his mind couldn't register the feeling, his body indicated through reaction that the touch felt good to him and that he wanted more of it. He managed to drag her white shirt halfway up her body with the movement of his hands along, finally grasping onto her shoulders and stroking gently with his fingertips. Was she hesitating?

Tifa almost couldn't believe this was happening, and though the scenery was not what she'd imagined as a girl, this was enough for her right now. She stroked her hand over the flesh of his back again, then shifted back as her shirt was lifted and suddenly something clicked. "The bed Cloud..." Though the bathroom was not an unideal place, it was not as comfortable as the bed and she had talked about spending the night in bed together. A smile appeared on her lips as her earlier blush began to leave her cheeks as the full force that she had not been rejected brought her new confidence. She leaned up to Cloud's lips and captured them, keeping the contact even as she pulled at him to follow her.

Cloud growled softly when Tifa threatened to pull away, not about to allow it right at this point and nearly moved to cover the small distance she moved from him. He paused though at her words, instantly registering it as an order, something he could not refuse. He leaned down when her lips met his and responded to the embrace, following her with little more than keen eyes looking ahead and actually guiding her from the bathroom. He didn't bother to hesistate when he seized her waist and finally lifted her, maintaining the kiss as he finally just walk to the bedroom, kicking the door shut with a foot before he deposited her on the bed they had spent the nights in.

Tifa wrapped her arms and legs around Cloud as she was unexpectedly lifted. The growl she registered with a smile and she kissed along Cloud's cheek, wanting to reciprocate what she thought was passion, which it was, but not of the kind she thought it was...but ignorant to Cloud's true motives she happily was depositied on the bed. Her dark eyes went to his face, taking in the sight of him, the almost look in his blue eyes, the golden braid that fell over his shoulder. He was truly the most handsome man she had ever known, and it meant so much to her that he would now be more.

Cloud watched Tifa, the seemingly elated expression that his friend wore for something so simple as a carry into the bedroom. He sat down on the bed after a moment of looking her over and shifted over, assessing the easiest way to get what he wanted right about now, and he decided that removing her clothing would be a good start. He leaned down and licked a line on her neck, nipping softly as he drew a hand up her flat stomach, pulling up the white shirt along with his moving fingers. It was really to test her receptiveness, but he was certain he already had it. He nipped gently at her jawline, nuzzling her face.

Tifa wrapped her arms around Cloud's neck and leaned into his touch. She allowed her embrace to fall away as she stretched her arms above her head, the white shirt revealing breasts that she was known for in her hometown, even if they'd never say it to her face because she'd knock their lights out.

Cloud allowed a soft moan of approval, a signalled reaction to show something of what his body could feel for itself despite his mind having no idea what was going on. He slipped his hands up Tifa's side, drawing the shirt up completely before he pulled her back from the bed and removed it completely. He shifted suddenly, straddling her to prevent her from getting up and leaned over to kiss her neck more, as his hands trailed up her flesh and stroked around her breast's teasingly.

Tifa gasped and ran her hands up Cloud's arms and let her fingernails gently rake down again. She wrapped a leg around him, trying to pull his body closer to her own as if to try and tell him what she wanted, and she wanted the skirt off.

Cloud's arms shivered at the contact and he continued to nip and tease Tifa's skin, not backing down just yet. He was in control of something for the first time in a year, so she could writhe for him to show receptiveness to his advances. He slid himself down a bit, sitting on her thighs as he leaned over and nuzzled the space between Tifa's breasts, his hands finally slipping over to cup them, his thumbs playing over the nipples even as he licked a line downwards towards Tifa's navel.

Tifa bit her lip and made a sound like a moan and a sigh as Cloud's hands ran over her skin. She slid her hands over Cloud's hair and went to his braid, starting to pull it out so that she could run her fingers through Cloud's soft hair. She could feel each touch over her breasts deep within her body, making her shift her hips closer to Cloud's body.

Cloud lifted his head as his hair was freed up from the braid it had been in, shaking it out around him so there was a curtain of golden hair around him. He looked up at Tifa and slipped back up her body, kissing her lips as passionately as he body could muster with its obvious eagerness. He had never made it his far in the Institute, only getting away with gropes and kisses. His hands slipped down Tifa's body until he reached the edge of her black skirt, feeling his way along with gentle teasing touches until he located a zipper in the back, quickly pulling down, and he began to slip the material down Tifa's hips.

Tifa captured Cloud's lips with her own, kissing him deeply as if she let go she would not be able to breath, the taste of Cloud on her tongue. She massaged her hand over Cloud's shoulder, quickly tangling on hand in the soft strands of gold that now fell around her. She shifted up to allow Cloud ease to slip her skirt from her body, revealing a simple pair of silk, white underwear. She sat up slightly and reached behind her, pulling the band that held her hair back, and shook her hair out as Cloud had done before she laid back down, a smile on her lips as she watched Cloud above her.

Cloud nipped at Tifa's lips as they kissed, keeping as much control of the embrace as he could without completely dominating it. He only pulled back when Tifa allowed hair to flow freely, leaning down so that his gold mingled with her deep brown hair, glowing blue eyes illuminating the room as he tossed the skirt aside and sat on Tifa's hips again, liking the feel of silk on his inner thighs. He moaned softly and slipped from her hips after a moment, laying on his side next to her as he tangled one hand in her hair and the other trailed down Tifa's body, playing with the edge of the silk panties. His body knew what to do, knew what it wanted long before his hazed mind ever clued in.

Tifa sighed as Cloud's fingers trailed along the last piece of clothing seperating him and her brown eyes opened to stare at him, watch him between her legs. "What are you waiting for?" She flashed him a grin, biting her lip in a sudden bold geture of coyness.

Cloud's unemotional eyes flicked up to stare at Tifa's face and he merely cocked his head to the side for a moment as his body ordered his hands into action again. All for procreation. That was his body's sole purpose right now. He slipped his fingers on either side of Tifa's hips and slid the silk down Tifa's legs, sitting up as he removed the panties entirely and tossed them aside, shaking out long golden locks of hair before he slipped up her body again. He stared into her eyes as he settled on his elbows, brushing his lips over hers.

Tifa sighed deeply and wrapped her legs around Cloud, pulling him closer to her. She looked into his glowing blue eyes and reached out to touch his face. "Smile for me Cloud?"

Cloud cocked his head to the side at Tifa's request, not certain if he could produce the reaction that she was looking for. He stared at her and balanced on one elbow as he reached down and stroked one of Tifa's thighs with the other hand. "I do not know if I can, Tifa. You know that I have trouble with expressions," he replied softly, almost not wanting to break this moment.

Tifa nodded and a soft smile appeared on her lips. "I know you want to Cloud. I know you better than anyone. Don't ever forget that." She leaned forward and kissed him then, her eyes closing as she shifted closer to Cloud's touch, craving it as he body's senses began to take over and her mind began to focus only on the man wrapped around her.

Cloud slowly nodded his head, still uncertain if he could product the reaction that she was looking for. He knew what a smile was since he had seen Tifa wearing one many times, but it was different whenever he tried the expression for him. It was as if the expression didn't fit on him anymore, not with the drugs that coursed through his veins. He leaned into the kiss and tangled one of his hands into her long dark hair, curtaining them off with privacy with his own long hair. He nuzzled her face and ran his hand over her thigh, slipping down on the inside gently.

Tifa combed her fingers through Cloud's hair, pulling him even closer to her lips as she kissed him as if she needed the contact of his mouth to breath. She sucked in a low breath as the hand neared her and she moved towards it, trying to encourage him, to reassure him that this was what she wanted.

Cloud shifted his face closer to Tifa's upon her touch to his hair, kissing her as he had once done long ago when he could remember such things. His body remembered what his mind choice to forget, but it was all still there for him to use. He noted her shift towards his hand and trailed his fingers down her thigh closer before he ran the back of his hand gently between her legs, gauging her receptiveness.

Tifa moaned softly, her face shifting back from Cloud, so that she could rest it on the pillow, her long hair fanning out to frame her face. Her fingers tightened in his hair as he explored her, the sensations making her body shudder.

Cloud let out a soft sigh as his actions were well-received and he continued to do them, stroking her gently with his fingers, looking for a good reaction from her. As of now, he had no idea where Tifa was most sensitive, but he would find out. He leaned down and nuzzled her neck, licking along the smooth skin before nipping gently, nibbling gently on her neck.

Tifa moaned louder, her breasts heaving as she breathed faster, her body tensing and shuddering from Cloud's touches. She wrapped her arms around Cloud's shoulders and moaned into his ear as his lips attacked her neck.

A shiver ran down Cloud's spine at the sound of her moan, his eyes finally closing as he allowed himself to relax more to the situation he was trapped in. He finally balanced on his knees between her legs and drew his other hand down the length of Tifa's body, stroking her with both of his hands as he leaned down and nuzzled her breasts gently, waiting for the reaction that would let him know he was doing things right.

Tifa arched up to the touch of Cloud's face at her breasts, a spot she would have thought obvious for her pleasure from having such an ample bosom. He tangled her fingers in Cloud's hair and nodded. "Yes..." She could already feel a hot tingle in her hips that made her legs shake as Cloud's hands quickly warmed her up.

Cloud shifted himself a bit and continued to nuzzle Tifa's breast before wrapping his mouth around a nipple, gently suckling as he rubbed Tifa more vigorously, searching for the reaction he knew was there. It had been a long time even for his body, which was a little eager to be moving on to the next step, but he couldn't just yet. He shut his eyes and just concentrated on her reactions to his touch, since he reacted little to touch.

Tifa held on to Cloud for what seemed dear life as the sudden assault between her legs made her cry out as the small spasms of pleasure began. She could feel her body shaking around Cloud, her fingernails digging into his back as he pushed her over the edge into pleasure.

Cloud opened his eyes at the sound of Tifa's cry, watching her reaction to something he couldn't really experience just yet. Perhaps later when he was well again and the drugs were not required to keep him in line. He pulled his hands back when he was certain she had climaxed, laying down over her and allowing her to ride out the pleasure. He smoothed back her hair after cleaning his hands and nuzzled her face gently.

Tifa simply lay back for a long while, letting the force of her climax slowly begin to fade. She opened her eyes after a moment and looked at Cloud, the hand stroking her hair a reassuring touch. She reached out again and brushed her fingers down Cloud's face, staring into his eyes as she finally whispered. "Make love to me now...?"

Cloud remained stationary over Tifa, simply watching over her for the time being. His attention focused on her completely at the feel of her fingers on his face, eyes moving around to fix on Tifa's face. He cocked his head to the side at her request, his body not bothering to even consider taking 'no' for an answer at this point. He leaned his face down and nuzzled her face as he shifted his hips between her legs, reaching down with one hand to grasp one of her thighs and bringing it up a bit. "You are certain?"

Tifa nodded a soft smile on her lips. "I love you Cloud....of course I'm ready." She leaned her face forward and rested her forehead against Cloud's and kept her gaze on his eyes. "I love you."

Cloud searched Tifa's eyes for a moment before he nodded in return to her, pressing his lips against hers as he positioned himself, rolling his shoulders a bit. He let his body have full control, leaving on pure instincts as he pushed forward, his body shuddering in reaction to pushing into the body beneath his own, leaning down more heavily on the one elbow he supported most of his weight with. He clenched his eyes shut and seemed have forgotten what this was like.

Tifa's eyes squeezed shut as Cloud entered her body, a slight pressure and pain that quickly was extinguished after the initial intrusion. She wrapped her legs around Cloud's waist, her hands braced on his shoulders and she relished being connected to the man she loved.

Cloud panted a bit with the heat around him, keeping his eyes shut as he gathered himself up again. He slipped a hand down to grasp onto Tifa's hip and used the other to stroke her left side gently occcationally, stroking her breasts as he rounded out his back. And his body was on the move, being gentle at first as he began a slow pace of thrusting, bowing his head down to kiss her lips and face gently.

Tifa buried her face against Cloud's neck, kissing over his skin as she found a rhythm with her own hips after a time. She rolled with him and met each gentle thrust. She felt as if she were melting from the heat between their bodies and she had a moment of clarity where she thought, This is how I always imagined it would be.

Cloud panted softly as he slowly escalated his rhythm, making sure to give Tifa time to adjust as he didn't want to hurt her. That was not the most productive means for procreation. He slipped an arm under her, pulling her body from the bed to press against his as he thrust faster and with more vigor as time passed by, his body shivering and shuddering upon each thrust. His chest felt like it was tightening more and more as he continued, kissing Tifa's exposed neck and shoulders.

Tifa cried out as Cloud moved within her, the sensation foreign and yet pleasing all at once. She simply help on as he moved her, a hot tingle growing in her body again, making her shiver slightly each time she met one of Cloud's thrusts.

Cloud nodded his head a bit at the sound that Tifa made for him, one that didn't hold any pain so it was a good sound for her to make. He gauged his pace on her reactions to him, and he thought he was getting all positive emotions from her at this point. He nipped at her neck and lips more insistantly, drawing her into a passionate kiss as he once again increased his rhythm faster, driving towards his own release that would be soon judging by his body's indications.

Tifa's eyes were squeezed shut so tight from the pleasure in her body that a few tears slid out and ran down her cheeks. It felt so good to have Cloud in this way and she never doubted her decision to tell him how she really felt. Everything felt so right and perhaps through this would help Cloud put some more pieces into place to heal him as well.

Cloud had his eyes closed as he simply followed the rhymth of his body, allowing all thoughts to drift from his mind and it was almost like he was back in his dreamscape again. Nothing could touch him there and his body felt far away, yet so close to him that all seemed so in his control again. While he still could feel nothing in the manner of pleasure, it was still a nice feeling to feel skin against his own and a body moving to meet him. His breathing rate increased until he was panting heavily and his chest felt so tight, like all the air was being sucked out. He was so close.

Tifa shifted her face and began to plant kiss after kiss along Cloud's jawline. She could feel a shaking in his body and she knew he had to be close. She stroked his back, playing with his silky hair, anything to increase the sensation in his body...

Cloud shuddered when Tifa stroked his back, grunting softly as made a small attempt to hold back a bit, to want to drag her down with him. His shoulders shook and he gulped in air, his skin shimmering with a light sheen of sweat that caused his hair to stick to his skin as he continued his fast rhythm before burying his face in her neck. He bit his lip hard as he finally gave one last almost desperate thrust and froze, his body shuddering visibly before relaxing slowly.

Tifa let out a deep sigh as Cloud finally reached his own climax. She continued to stroke his back and sought out his lips, simply reveling in how they had come together. It had been everything she had ever wanted....and it had been with her best friend, and now lover...her Cloud.

Cloud slowly relaxed into Tifa's arms, his eyes remaining closed as he panted against her skin, probably one of the most tiring exercises he had done all week but only due to the fact he had no idea what to have expected. His fingers curled in some of Tifa's hair and he responded slowly to the kiss, letting out a small groan as his shoulders twitched a bit. He rose after a moment, just enough to flop down beside her instead of crushing her with his weight. He had to wipe hair from his face that was clinging to his skin. He slipped in close and snuggled up at her side.

Tifa rolled over onto Cloud and hugged his arm as she laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes. "I love you Cloud..." She smiled, a glowing expression on her content face. It seemed that just at this very moment...nothing was wrong, and all was right in the world.

Cloud opened his eyes to watch Tifa snuggle up and lazily tossing an arm around her waist without much care in the world. His eye drifted shut again with hesistation, it way passed his 'normal' bedtime that he had been keeping with Tifa. He made an affirmative noise at her words and nodded his head before burying his face into her hair and drifting off to sleep.
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