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Aeris lives... Heh.

(OOC: Oh, I know you all are loving the irony of this... *sigh* How much more ironic can you get than playing the person that your favourite character shishkebobed? Anyway... in comes Aeris... Everyone's favourite flower girl *cough*

PS: This is probably a bit later than it should be.. but do forgive me ^_^;;;)

She felt cold, an odd cold at that, with so much heat that encompased her body. Small wisps of searing heat, annoying in their comfort, touched her skin, leaving behind a small green wisp to disappear into the darkness. It only repeated itself, one wisp here, another little touch there, a constant feel that was almost like hundreds of needles piercing her flesh, but somehow... comforting. And over time, a time she could not keep track of, the heat skyrocketed, suddenly wrapping around her entire form, a burn that both felt wonderful and exhilarating but could choke in its pleasure.

Yet it slowly increased after that, with no sign of letting up, of stopping, of pulling away to allow her to breath. She nearly suffocated with its intensity, all the green around her fading for a moment as she was brought to a state of non-feeling. For a moment, she felt, heard, and saw nothing, nothing but the absolute darkness and endless void. It was a terrifying landscape, one that brought forth fear in her mind, that perhaps she'd been thrown somewhere to spend the rest of her existance, alone and cold.

It was after that thought had come to her before she was thrown into some sort of plane, something solid suddenly appearing beneath her feet, causing her to trip forwards, landing hard on her palms and knees. She cried out softly at the little tendrils of pain that slipped up her arms and legs, clenching her teeth as she held herself against it for now. The heat of the Lifestream subsided, fading away as quickly as it had come, leaving behind little bits of shimmering green to sting her skin before drifting away with the wind.

She had been thrown back into existance, to a place she had once inhabited at some point in time when she had been consciously alive, her first existance. The cold stone beneath her body told her that, the way its power and holiness soaked her body, its voice ringing clearly in her mind. It urged her to stand, to force herself first to her knees, then to stand fully erect, to once again take hold of her life. Once that had been acheived, she remaind still for a moment, feeling dizzy a bit, not used to needing balance after being within the Lifestream for so long. It didn't take long, and once balance had been acheived with her body, she opened her eyes.

Around her was the most familiar landscape she could have ever known. As her eyes adjusted to the light's intensity, and the physical plane around her, what she saw was both a comfort and a fear. Hundreds of houses, all made of giant seashells decorated the little valley, each one having a small path leading to their door, to connect the village. In the center was a very much larger building, with a central path that led directly to its doorway. It was all so hauntingly beautiful, in its silence and age, in the words it spoke without having to say anything, even to those who did not have contact with the planet. It had the innocent to look so extraordinary, to awe the masses with it's intricacy and simplicity. And yet it had the power to intimidate, to terrify, with a past that no one, save for one person, could ever understand or know.

It was the City of the Ancients, a long forgotten city that had played such an important role one year ago, and more than thousands of years ago in the battle to save the planet from the Crisis from the Skies. And now, for a second time in her life, she stood within its presence, its beauty, the once place her ancestors had ever lived, a place she felt so at home in.

Her first soft, comforting whisper from the planet swept over her mind as she closed her eyes, inhaling deeply the clear, clean air of the City. The barest of smiles crossed herlips, elegant features turning up in a sort of sorrowful joy as she stood there. So much had happened here, and so much was about to happen everywhere else.

When she opened her eyes, her smile faded but her radiance did not, a natural air she'd always had. She took a tentative step forward, toward the center of the City, and then another, before she began her trek to the one place she wanted to see here above all. Even as she made her decent into the lake beneath the City, she found it unnaturally quiet, even for the such a holy place, but she paid no mind to it. Her business was not here, anyway; there were people she needed to see.

But for now, as her soft footsteps echoed almost painfully loud as she descended the glass steps, those people would need to wait. Aeris wanted to see the place where she had been killed by a man who had gone mad in the most horrible of ways.
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