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In Nibelheim

The windy streets of the small mountain town known as Nibelheim were only disturbed by the cool wind from the mountains, the early morning sun peaking over the sharp jagged rocks of the moutains. The town was lulled by sleep still, only the sound of softly cooing sleeping chocobos and metal rattling on metal making any sort of noise. At this hour, no one was awake to see the new arrival to the town set down on her naked feet, golden bracelets only making the bearest of noises as she stumbled a bit.

Silver hair cascaded down Shekinah's back as she grasped her injured side, blood drenching her white silk dress and even matted some of her hair together. Her bare skin was spattered with her own blood, long since died to her tanned flesh when she had escaped from the attack she had been under days before. She sunk down to her scraped knees and held the wound, having no ability to heal the wounds that had plagued her the entire trip to the small mountain town. For a long moment, she merely stayed knelt on the dirt ground holding the most grievious of her wounds, though the gashes in her legs and upper arms were no less serious anymore.

Brother... help me... Her mind whispered across all of the sleeping town, slipping partially from her body to reach out towards the other mind that was open to contact. She didn't have any trouble finding the mind of Sephiroth in the Nibelheim Mansion, and analyzed it quickly before finally pushing forward. Tentatively, her mind brushed against his, feeling like a feather travelling over smooth flesh delicately. me... brother... Sharp-spoken one comes...

Her mind withdrew from pestering the older man, and she instead concentrated on getting herself back to her feet. She knew where he was exactly now, so she could make a vain attempt to get to his location or at least progress in that direction slowly in hopes he would meet her. She set a hand on the ground and slowly pushed herself back to her shakey feet, having lost a considerable amount of blood, and she stumbled in the direction of the mansion up the main road. Each step sent a tremour down her body and through the many bracelets on her wrists and ankles, pained music ringing out across the town as she did make slow progress. It was difficult to walk with one swollen twisted ankle, but she managed it and ignored the pain for a greater purpose.

Shekinah dared not reach out to Sephiroth's mind again, not wishing to startle her only living sibling now that she had made first contact with him. She could sense his mind still and thought that he would come to find her, especially since she was in such close proximity to him and in need of aid. She could also sense Vincent Valentine's mind in the mansion, and she allowed some pleasure to that fact as she tottered her way towards the mansion.

Eventually, she managed to get to the main metal gate and was forced to stop. She could go no further with wounds like the ones that she currently carried from her encounter with Jenova. Sighing heavily, she lowered herself down to the ground and leaned heavily on the metal bars of the gate, resting herself since it had taken a lot of energy to get from the City of the Ancients to Nibelheim as fast as she could, namely by flying. She could go no further without aid.

The bars resting hard against her skin were cold and miserable, reminder her vaguely of a sort of prison that she had once been kept in for experimentation. It didn't take long for her skin to actually warm the bars, but the reminder was still in the back of her mind. The only one that ever spoke with her in that prison had been Mother, always keeping her comfortable even when physically, she was miserable under the extreme testing. Her brother had experienced the same kind of treatment, but had refused to go all the way with the grandest plan that had ever been created. It was unfortunate.

She shuddered and allowed her head to lean back against the bars, the throb of pain along her skin and the discomfort of drying blood on her senses was grating. She was light-headed, yet perfectly awake, a strange feeling if she did say so herself. Her legs refused to carry her weight any longer, so there was no option of getting up again and leaving. No, she would be forced to wait for someone to stumble upon her location, whether it be her only sibling or a complete stranger.

"The shifter... and soldier... they are ready for the ultimate destiny..."
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