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A Little Taste of Heaven

He is a failure, mother. We are glad you have abandoned our brother for a better cause, but there is much planning to do. We are the best of our lineage and only mother can aspire beyond us.

Silver hair shifted against delicately tanned shoulders, mako green eyes moving across the still waters of the City of the Ancients, a place long abandoned. A light breeze blew the woman's shimmering silver hairover her mostly naked shoulders, appearing to be loose to flow at its own whims, but close inspection would prove otherwise. Each set of three single hairs were braided together delicately only to be braided again by three of the formed braids. After that, the knee-length silver hair was allowed to move on its own in the breeze.

She moved effortlessly around the stone paths of the abandoned city, her bare feet drifting in a graceful pure manner with each step. White silk fluttered with each step, accenting fluid curves all the way up to mid-thigh before smooth flesh gave way fully to silk that rose up and over delicate hips, firm stomach and coming to a sudden stop over bosoms, only two thin straps tying the light dress onto the young woman's form. Around her chest, the white was covered over with a tight leather vest that held more of a corset appearance, and instead of leather for straps, two thick belts attached the smooth leather to her body. Aside from a dress and leather vest, silvery gold thin bracelets - too many to count with a glance - slipped up and down her delicate wrists and ankles, making a chillingly musical tune with each shift of her arms or legs. Around her neck was a leather belt and simple gold earrings hung from her ears.

Her eyes glowed with the same sickening mako taint, cat-like pupils accenting her sharp beauty. There was a foreign untouchable atttractiveness that surrounded her, a seeming shine to her like she had fallen from heaven and walked the earth of men now. Her expression was pleasantly neutral, a woman moving to meet an old friend or a relative, and her step picked up as she neared the required meeting grounds. Haunting musical notes filled the air as she moved, hundreds of silvery bracelets moving together against her silky flesh.

Mother, we are here. Your Shekinah is with you even when brother has abandoned you. Your Shekinah will honour you as it should be. Mother...

The woman known as Shekinah stopped in the middle of the platform surrounded by waters, her chilling music coming to a halt with her. She straightened her vest and dress then arranged her hair more presentably, brushing silver bangs - much too similar to another individual - from her mako-tainted eyes. A warm smile pulled over her lips as she folded her hands behind her back, waiting oh so patiently for the other to arrive.

In the silence, her mind slipped out of its boundaries and trickled over the lands until she simply stopped outside of another mind, one who Mother had already contacted. She dared not make direct contact for he would surely sense her presence like that, but her abilities allowed her to simply stand outside her brother's peripheral bounderies and watch him. Hello big brother. How you have grown and slipped from the path that mother has set out for you. Why, brother? Your path was a wonderful honour-filled one.

Another mind was there after a few moments, and Shekinah moved herself to be in a position of viewing both men in her mind's eye. She could see black wings and a red cloak and that was all that was required for another warm smile to pull over her lips, moving a little closer to that mind since the cloaked-one's mental abilities were far below average with the background noise there. She regarded the cloaked-man silently. Stay with our big brother, Vincent Valentine. We wish very much to meet with you.

She drew back to survey the room before slipping back to her original connection that allowed her in the room, stopping beside Sephiroth with a pleasant little smile on her lips. She reached up and touched the belt on her throat, shifting it up so the faint tattoo of a strange tree appeared underneath. She leaned forward to her brother, nearly close enough to touch his mind and make him aware, but she stopped before he could actually sense her. They are perfect, big brother. The shifter and the soldier... Vincent Valentine and Cloud Strife... they are perfect the way that they are, both bathing in the glory of madness like you once did. Will you really try to break the madness, the madness you caused in them? She cocked her head to the side so that finely braided hair slipped over her shoulder of her ethereal form. Will you finally feel for someone aside from yourself? Or will you wallow in that mortal shell of yours and let it all slip away? Don't disappoint us, big brother.

Shekinah opened green eyes and she was back where she had left her body, pleased with the location and the future events. She turned her eyes up to the skies above and smiled. "Mother, we are here," she said in a small pleasantly musical voice.
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