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Junon Institute

Tifa stood outside the reception area inside of the Junon Institute. She'd arrived early that morning. Before the sun had risen, she had made sure that the hideout would be stocked with supplies for her and Cloud; for her and Cloud after she broke him out of this place.

She had a large purse slung over her shoulder which contained nothing but her wallet and her precious gloves...Premium Heart. She also had two sets of keys for the hiding place she had prepared. It was an old one of AVALANCHE'S, rarely used because the group worked always out of Midgar, but it was always good to have places in other cities. Finally, the two room, one bathroom hideaway located under a bookshop in Junon would offer a place for a few days until she got Cloud out of Junon altogether. She was sure the doctors would search for Cloud after all they'd done over the past months to keep her out of contact with him and the way they continued to insist he wasn't ready for any contact. She knew Cloud. She knew Cloud better than anyone and she knew that the best thing was for him to be out of this cruel place.

She walked to the desk and an older nurse with tired blue eyes looked up at her, "Ma'am? May I help you?"

Tifa put on a smile, though it did not reach her eyes. "Yes, I'm Tifa Lockheart. I've been sent for by Dr. Wisley."

A look of recognition entered the nurse's eyes, she thought the young woman looked familiar, it was indeed the same woman who had helped check Mr. Strife into the Institute. "Yes, Miss Lockheart. Please sign in and take a seat. I will page Dr. Wisley."

Tifa picked up the black pen and signed her name as well as noting the time and purpose of the visit. She seated herself in a far corner which contained a lush potted plant and an end table with some magazines. The walls were decorated and the reception area well-lit, but Tifa could feel nothing but a cold pit in her stomach. That the way this place had first appeared to her had been one of hope and now it was nothing but despair. She would deal with the regret later. The regret at letting Cloud go like she had into a place that was nothing but a prison.

Almost Cloud. Just a few more minutes, another hour or so, and we'll be free from here. You'll be free.
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